Complete Guide to University Malaya Medical Centre 2023

University of Malaya Medical Centre (UMMC), formerly known as University Hospital, is a government teaching hospital located in Kuala Lumpur. It was established by Statute in September 1962 and served as the teaching hospital for the Faculty of Medicine, University of Malaya, and is the largest and oldest teaching hospital in Malaysia.
Basic Info
Address Pusat Perubatan Universiti Malaya, Lembah Pantai, 59100 Kuala Lumpur Map
  • Bus routes: 734, 780,P701, T790, T815, PJ248
  • LRT: KJ24 Universiti Station
  • Visit time Monday - Sunday:5 pm - 7 pm (all wards)
    *Each patient is allowed one visitor per day.
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    Date 2022-10-14
    Updated on 2023-01-18
    Requirement for Covid-test of patientsRequirement for Covid-test of visitorsServices overviewInpatient & Admission DetailsOutpatient ServicesRoom rateInsurance partnershipFAQ

    Requirement for Covid-test of patients

    The government has not provided the need for a self test (swab-test) before visiting UMMC. UMMC also accepts Covid-19 confirmed patients if the patient is already diagnosed.

    Requirement for Covid-test of visitors

    To protect patients and staff, UMMC only allows one visitor per patient per day. 

    Visitors just need to test their temperature when entering the ward block, if their temperature is normal, they are allowed to visit patients, even without showing a swab-test.

    Services overview

    UMMC provides Orthopaedics Surgery, Paediatrics, Obstetrics &, Gynaecology, Psychiatric, Otorhinolaryngology, Ophthalmology, and other specialist or outpatient services. There are a total of 1,425 beds in UMMC. Patients can visit the official website to make an online appointment with “Register Single Sign On (SSO)” . Patients also can check the clinic appointments in the “SSO system”, which can save queuing time. In addition, the SSO system also provides a viewing of treatment costs and payment status.

    Inpatient & Admission Details

    After the examination, the doctor will arrange for the patient to be hospitalized for observation according to the treatment needs. There are 2 types of admission services:

    1. Emergency admission: whereby the patients are admitted after seen by a doctor and need Immediate treatment.
    2. Elective admission: Generally, the patient is admitted for surgery or special investigation and treatment.

    At the time of admission, you need to show the patient’s documents:

    1. Patient ID
    2. Social Welfare Card (Oku Card)
    3. Pension card
    4. School Letter
    5. Guarantee Letter

    Outpatient Services

    Hours of operation are generally from Monday to Friday (8am-5pm), closed on weekends and public holidays. However, the number of places and appointment times provided by each clinic may vary. You can confirm through the official website or telephone (03-79494422). Patients are advised to arrive early and wait before the appointment time.

    Room rate

    General Ward

    Daily Charge/ person No Air Conditioned Air Conditioned
    First Class
    Room with one bed RM 90 RM 120
    Room with two bed RM 60 RM 90
    Room with three bed RM 45 RM 60
    Second Class RM 25 RM 40
    Third Class  RM 3 RM 3


    Psychiatric Ward

    Delivery room (per entry) RM 120
    Operating room (per entry) RM 120


    Psychiatric Ward

    Class Daily Charge
    First Class RM 15
    Second Class RM 10
    Third Class Free


    Executive Ward

    Class Daily Charge (RM)
    Room with one bed (VIPs) RM 225
    Room with two bed RM 180
    Room with three bed RM 150

    Insurance partnership

    UMMC is a government hospital, citizens can enjoy public healthcare services. Foreigners or tourists are advised to purchase medical insurance while staying in Malaysia. 

    Government hospitals do not have cooperative insurance companies, only Panel Hospitals* have them, but government hospitals are not panel hospitals. So patients must pay first and then file a claim with their insurance company.

    • *Panel Hospital refers to the hospital designated by the insured insurance company in its medical policy. If the insured goes to the designated hospital for treatment, there is no need to pay medical expenses in advance.


    1. How to find a doctor?

    You can swipe down to click “Search For Doctor” and search for the doctor’s information on the homepage of the University of Malaya Medical Centre website. Patients can search for relevant information according to their medical needs or by the doctor’s name to check whether there are any medical services they need.

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