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Farrer Park Hospital is a private tertiary healthcare institute set up to offer a fresh approach to medical treatment. The hospital, which has a medical center attached, is also part of a lifestyle concept which combines healthcare and hospitality.
Basic Info
Address 1 Farrer Park Station Road, #02-01 Connexion, Singapore 217562 Map
  • Bus routes: 21, 23, 64, 65, 66, 67, 125, 130, 139, 141, 147, 857 and NR6 (Serangoon Road, Sri Srinivasa Perumal Temple, 5-min walk)
  • Bus routes: 131 and 141 (Rangoon Road towards Serangoon Road, 2-min walk)
  • MRT (alight Farrer Park station, take Exit C to Connexion)
  • Visit time 12:00 – 14:00; 18:00 – 20:00 (Suspension of Ward Visits until 3 April 2022)
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    Covid test requirement for patientsCovid test requirement for visitorsServices overviewInpatient & Admission DetailsOutpatient - Clinic & Medical CentreRoom rateCharges of all-inclusive fixed price medical packagesInsurance partnershipFAQ

    Covid test requirement for patients

    As part of their COVID-19 measures, all patients and visitors are required to register on-site at the hospital, complete a mandatory health declaration form and use TraceTogether App or token for SafeEntry check-in and check-out. 

    Covid test requirement for visitors

    In line with the latest MOH COVID-19 safety measures for hospitals to reduce potential transmission, they will not be accepting ward visitors until 3 April 2022 (date inclusive). Exceptions may be granted for patients who are critically ill or require additional caregiver support.

    A maximum of one pre-designated Caregiver is allowed at patient’s bedside at any one time. Caregiver must be fully vaccinated and must produce a negative Antigen Rapid Test (ART) completed within the last 24 hours or possess and show proof of Antigen Rapid Test (ART) exemption, i.e. recovered from COVID-19/ Medically Ineligible (MI).

    Dangerously ill (DIL) patients are allowed up to five pre-designated visitors (including caregiver) per day. A maximum of two visitors are allowed at patient’s bedside at any one time, and each visit should be no more than 30 minutes. All five pre-designated visitors must undergo Unsupervised ART, regardless of vaccination status or duration of visit.

    Services overview

    Farrer Park Hospital provides 24-hour emergency services, as well as outpatient and inpatient services. A wide variety of specialist outpatient services are also available at the adjoining Farrer Park Medical Centre (FPMC). 

    Inpatient & Admission Details

    At Farrer Park Hospital, a selection of different inpatient suites is available to cater to different preferences. Patients are encouraged to pre-register with the hospital prior to admission. During Pre-registration, the admissions counter would be able to advise if any deposit may be required upon admission.

    Outpatient - Clinic & Medical Centre

    The 24-hour Emergency Clinic at Farrer Park Hospital ​is well-equipped with consultation rooms, an observation bay, a critical care area, and rooms for dressing, procedures and isolation. In addition, there are special function rooms for eye and ear examinations and minor orthopedic procedures.

    The 24-hour Emergency Clinic hotline is +65 6705 2999.

    Here are the charges for Emergency Clinic.

    Emergency Clinic Consultation Fees (inclusive of GST as at January 3, 2022)

    Mon – Sat 08:01 – 18:00 $80.00
    18:01 – 00:00 $120.00
    00:01 – 08:00 $150.00
    Sun & PH 08:01 – 00:00 $120.00
    00:01 – 08:00 ​$150.00

     Farrer Park Medical Centre (FPMC) is located at the 20-story Connexion building that connects to Farrer Park Hospital. Over 230 medical specialists at the multispecialty medical center cover more than 30 medical specialties in cardiology, oncology, orthopedics and sports medicine, gastroenterology, general surgery and more. In addition, FPMC offers a full continuum of care which includes behavioral healthcare, rehabilitation and various health screening and vaccination services.

    FPMC Opening Time: 

    • Mondays – Fridays: 8:30 – 17:30 
    • Saturdays: 8:30 – 12:30 
    • Sundays and Public Holidays: closed

    Room rate

    Inpatient rooms range from 4-Bedded Room, Standard Single Room, Deluxe Room to Suite.

    Room Class Day Rate (S$)
    4-Bedded  $250
    Standard Single $730
    Deluxe From $830
    Suite $1,330
    • Amount is inclusive of GST as at January 3, 2022.

    Charges of all-inclusive fixed price medical packages

    Farrer Park Hospital’s health screening center, HealthConnexion, offers comprehensive health screening packages as well as customized solutions for individuals, corporate companies, and the medical tourist. HealthConnexion Services include a comprehensive range of health screening services, colonoscopy, pre-employment check-up and vaccination.

    Health Screening Packages Price (including GST)
    HealthTrack Regular $350
    HealthTrack Select $560
    HealthTrack Select Plus $790
    HealthTrack Premier $1,780
    Pre-Marital Health Screening $299/pax; $499/couple

    Insurance partnership

    Farrer Park Hospital has billing facilities set up with a variety of local and international insurance companies—including Integrated Shield Plans which provide comprehensive hospitalization and surgery coverage from private insurance companies approved by the Central Provident Fund (CPF) Board.

    There are a number of health insurance policies that are able to cover you for surgeries or inpatient treatment at a private hospital.

    If you are a Singaporean / PR patient with an Integrated Shield Plan, you may be eligible for their Cashless Service. Patients who qualify for this service may be admitted for treatment at Farrer Park Hospital with no payment required for bills up to SGD30,000.

    Please take note that the Cashless Service does not apply to general exclusions such as extra meals, lodgers, rehabilitation products, deluxe accommodation, and so on.

    Click here to find out more regarding their Cashless Service Program.


    1. How to search for doctors?

    The doctor searching function can be found on Farrer Park Hospital website:

    Patients may find doctors according to the specialist services, from general surgery, psychiatry to medical oncology. Patients may also key in the name of doctors to check if the doctor is available at the hospital.

    2. How to enjoy the shuttle bus service?

    There is no shuttle bus service.

    3. Who is the owner of Farrer Park Hospital?

    Dr. Peng Chung Mien continues as Group CEO of The Farrer Park Company Pte Ltd, which owns Farrer Park Hospital (FPH).

    Here is its Board of Directors.

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